LB Sam Headshot.jpg

As my mother would tell it, I began my art career at the age of sixteen months when she would line the shower walls with paper and allow me to finger-paint murals in the bathtub, naked.  This love of art would eventually become a degree in Art History from American University. The comfort with nudity would eventually become a brief-but-successful stint in erotic photography.

Because of that Art History background, I prefer to incorporate elements more traditionally associated with painting than photography, such as a richness in tone and color, simple, minimalist lighting, and linear, deliberate framing.  I work to maintain a subtle intimacy and sensuality to my work while also reflecting a grace and elegance synonymous with luxury. 

My academic background also includes extensive work with Women's and Gender Studies.  I am a proud, vocal feminist.  As a female fashion photographer, I feel a great responsibility that my participation advances how all women are portrayed and perceived within the fashion community, regardless of size, skin, or sexuality.  I'm a firm believer that "feminist" and "fashion" are not mutually exclusive.  As long as I have a camera and a pulse, I will do what I can do increase visibility and equality within the fashion industry.

I live in San Francisco with my four "furry gentlemen" (one human, three feline), with frequent visits to New York and Los Angeles throughout the year.