Made The Cover

Back in October, The Milo Foundation of Richmond, CA was generous enough to let me shoot in their animal shelter for a shoot featuring adoptable cats. 

One thing you should know about me:  I am an unabashed crazy cat lady.  My life is covered in cat hair.  I call it "ethical fur".  So you can imagine my excitement when I got to shoot two of my loves, fashion and cats, together

Fear is realizing you've just willingly exposed $25k of silky, lacy, delicate wardrobe to a herd of freaked out cats.  Shoot Day was literally eight hours of Arrested Development Will Arnett-ing "I've made a huge mistake".

But it worked out in the end.  I wanted to bring a little extra attention to a cause that's near and dear to my heart, bring a little publicity to a local shelter doing good things for good creatures, and have an excuse to snuggle adorable cats, because apparently, the three I already have at home aren't enough.

Go to to get your copy of the magazine, or go to to learn about adoption, volunteering, or donations.