Adventures In New York

So, I make no secret of the fact that I'm basically a New York photographer with a West Coast zipcode.  That's my schtick.  It was a little hard to fully understand before ("why not just move to NYC?"), but after Snowpocalypse, I think the idea of having someone already in a warmer, sunnier locale who can still maintain a New York aesthetic is really appealing to a lot of people. 

Which is why my most recent trip to NYC was unbelievably busy and crazy, but in a good way.

Since my family is in DC/MD, which really isn't that far from NYC, my routine for work trips is to fly into DC, spend a night or two with my family, head to New York for a solid block of work, come back down to DC, and recover with my family and friends before heading back to SF.  This trip was no different, with the slight exception that my mother would be joining me later in the trip so we could make a pilgrimage to visit The Dress (ladies, you know what I'm talking about) before coming home.  So, my week:

Wednesday, 4/8: land in DC.  Spend 36 hours on the ground, spend a shocking percentage of that time attempting to book HMu/W and models for two shoots planned that weekend.  Not immediately successful, but make good connections that might follow up soon.  Everything that can be crossed, fingers, toes, etc., is crossed.

Friday, 4/10:  Early train up to NYC.  Spend pretty much the entire day calling and emailing agencies for HMu/W for my shoots, which I'm determined to have, because I am in the possession of about $23k of clothing (long story), and I'm stubborn.  Somehow, by 8pm that night, I have booked EVERYTHING I need:  hair and makeup for both days, a stylist for my fashion shoot who is also willing to go out and make more pulls, two models, and a studio.  It's done.  I did it.  I don't know how I did it, but I did.  It's entirely possible that in my delirious, sleep-deprived state, I made some sort of Faustian pact of which I have no memory.

Saturday, 4/11:  Beauty test.  830am CT.

Sunday, 4/12: Fashion editorial test.  830am CT. 

Monday, 4/13:  Phone meeting with my creative sensei to discuss my next year, my marketing, and basically just dish, since she is awesome.  Meeting with New York Magazine.  Meeting with--thanks to a comedy of errors--Men's Journal.  Oddly enough, not a bad meeting, since she was incredibly nice, and suggested reaching out to her friend at Refinery 29.  Emails are sent and calls are made.  Find out my meeting with Calvin Klein has been cancelled, cry a little inside.  Mom comes up from DC. 

Tuesday, 4/14:  Meet with an artist rep that I would *kill* to be a part of, partly because their roster is great, but mostly because everyone I've met there has been unbelievably nice, funny, and altogether wonderful.  Meet with W Magazine, kill time, stay near Conde Nast/1WTC, come back for a meeting with Glamour.  Forget to eat.  Now functioning on an average of five hours of sleep a night, Mom graciously brings in Shake Shack for dinner, as I am too exhausted to walk to the end of the block and back (poor me), and I immediately pass out and take a two hour nap.  My mother is a saint.

Wednesday, 4/15:  I get to go home!  I get to sleep!  I made it!  We just need to get through our appointment to see The Dress, followed by a last-minute meeting with Refinery 29.  But then, freedom!  The Dress is a glorious creation by Naeem Khan, so we head over, portfolio in tow, so that when we were done, I'd head to my meeting, Mom could grab our bags, we'd meet up, then drive home.  The portfolio comes out, just for fun.  And then in walks Mr. Khan.  Mr. Khan grabs my book.  He looks at my book.  He likes my book (eek!).  He asks what I'm doing tomorrow....

And that is how I booked a Naeem Khan bridal lookbook. 

Is this real life?  ;)

Here's a BTS photo: