February Update

Well, I survived Snowpocalypse.  Sort of.  After moving my flight to accommodate my shoot for 7x7, my re-booked flight ended up getting cancelled, along with most of what I had planned for the week (a few meetings, a shoot, and an appointment to meet The Dress.)  After some maneuvering, almost everything was salvageable.  TeenVogue and People Style Watch were both gracious in their rescheduling, my shoot was moved to SF, but, sadly, The Dress has to be postponed for when I come back to NYC in the spring.  Damn you, Awards Season, I shake my fist at you!

Anyway, I'm hoping to make February the month of tearsheets:  "Glass" for Facade Magazine has already been posted, but my stories for Chaos and 7x7 should be out this month as well. 

As for that NYC story that was transferred to SF, here's an outtake: