Fall Update

The last few months have been....interesting.

I spent my birthday weekend in September shooting an ad campaign with The O Group for Artistic Tile, and I'm excited to show off the first image of the series!  You can find it in the December 2015 issue of Veranda Mag.  I worked with an incredible team--I especially need to credit my producer, Alex, who is basically a bespectacled superhero. Waaay better than Clark Kent/Superman.  Trust.

New work on the horizon:  an editorial I shot in NYC at The Hotel on Rivington should be coming out fairly soon, and I just shot a new editorial this past Sunday. 

October was fairly quiet, partly due to recovery from The Summer of Travel/Ad Campaign/badly needed vacation, and partly due to the fact that twelve hours after I came back from said vacation, I sprained my ankle fairly badly, as well as long a fair amount of skin on my knee.  Oh well, shorts season is over.  It made flying to NYCFotoworks fairly exciting--the upside to wearing combat boots nearly year-round:  no one sees your ankle brace.  Because fashion. 

But, because my foot didn't fall off, I can resume shooting.  I should be in SF for the foreseeable future, at least until February-ish, when I go back to NYC for a.) more meetings, b.) more shoots, and c.) wedding dress measurements.