New Portrait Work: The Man

The Man offered to sit for a quick portrait shoot with me.  He's was an interesting subject.  Ostensibly, he's exceptionally quiet, hardly expressive, and can even seem surly, but he's one of those people that reveals so much depth if you know how to communicate with him.  He's a man of so few words, but a thousand facial expressions.  We can have entire conversations just by looking at each other.  He's a quiet leader, but everything he exudes is so subtle. 

I was also sensitive to the fact that, ultimately, he is my partner, and we're in a romantic relationship--I didn't want images that weighed too heavily on context and not enough on who he is as a person.  I wanted to avoid flirting, inside jokes, and knowing glances.  He rarely smiles, even with me, and I didn't want to present him as anything other than how I see him.   I love the way his brain works.  He has so many wonderful traits, but above all else, I love the way his brain works.  There's no other way to explain it.  That's what I wanted to convey. 

brandon diptych web.jpg