Back in CA--For Now (Dun Dun Dun!)

Back from NYC, and I needed the week to recover.  Good trip.  Met with the [very cool] photo editor of a glossy LA-based regional magazine who, coincidentally, also edits a DC title from the same house.  Highly convenient.  Also met with the photo editor of a let's-pretend-we're-not-for-teens teen magazine....AND SHARED AN ELEVATOR WITH GRACE CODDINGTON.  Uh, a crazy-haired, cat-loving, mildly introverted fashion lady?  She's my people.  (Related:  I would really want to spend more time at Conde Nast, just so I'd have an excuse to say, "Wintour is coming", and get all nerdy and confuse the other fashion people.)

I've got a few shoots the first week in December (hello, spring shoots), and idea.  It's one of those deals where, I could do A, or I could do B, but I can't do C, D, E...until I know what I'm doing first.  Basically, I could shoot a spring editorial in SF, but it would have to be SF if it's for Client X.  If Client X falls through, I could shoot it in LA and not risk bad weather, in which case, boom, I just found myself in LA again.  And somewhere in there I need to go to DC, partly for family, and partly, hopefully, for work, but if I go to DC, then I might as well go back up to NYC, since they're so close.  But my cats freak out if I'm gone for so long, and then they take it out on The Man, usually by sleeping on his head or throwing raves at 3am, so he doesn't sleep.  No bueno.

TL; DR:  I was away.  I am back.  I might have to go away again.  Cats are weird. 

Here, have a puppy (and a Dylan):


loki with dylan-web.jpg